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January 2023.

Novice Gundog Classes
What your dog will learn in class

To be Calm
Your first introductory lesson will be an assessment of you and your dogs training requirement.  During this period I will spend time talking to you while observing your dog, when I am satisfied that your dog is calm I will ask you to demonstrate your dogs abilities. You will then have some simple home work exercise set so that you are able to join the following weeks class with a head start.

Dogs love to bark but I insist that they are quiet, if they bark they are not calm.  By using several simple exercises, I know that your dog can stop or reduced its barking.  A calm and quiet dog, is a happy dog and a joy to be with.

A calm and quite dog will always be happy to sit for you.  Sit is a very relaxed position for your dog and can be achieved within a few days of simple training at home.

To ask a dog to stay can be difficult to achieve if the dog hasn't learnt to sit properly.  I know all dog's will sit and stay within 1 hours training given several simple exercises.  More difficult dog's will need the sit command reinforced over a period of weeks, this is attainable by using repetitive techniques.

A dog that has been given to much free play will always have difficulty returning to its owner.  I will show you how to make a recall a very happy experience for your dog and turn free play into an earned privilege.  You can achieve a recall under controlled conditions the first time you try.

This is the number one complaint 'my dog won't heel with me' and 'my dog always pulls on the lead'!   I will show you how to make your dog love to be by your side and to make you the lead dog.

Send away
You will be taught how to send your dog away in a straight line to a determined point and then to return to you.  This is one of the most import retrieve training techniques for gundogs, to find unseen dummies by following your hand.   All dogs can acheive this send away and more first time they are shown, this technique helps for dog's that are slow at recall.

Greeting other dogs
Meeting other dog's is always a problem with most owners.  During your training I will show you techniques to help you meet other people with dogs when out walking.  These exercises are performed under controlled conditions so that you feel more relaxed and confident when out walking by your self.