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January 2023.

Puppy Gundog Classes
What your puppy will learn for adult working life.

Introductory lesson
On your first puppy training class you will be shown simple training techniques, including feeding, heel, calmness control, sit and stay.

Puppy training Classes
You will learn basic puppy training techniques.

Heel work on a loose lead.
Sit and stay.
Greetings and cross overs.
Send Aways.
Beginner retrieving.

These interactive lessons are designed to keep your puppy from becoming bored, training any one aspect is always kept short concentrating on Quality rather than quantity.

After basic puppy training which lasts no more than 30 minutes, your puppy will be able to interact with other dogs in a controlled training environment; the objective is to keep your dog calm and responsive to the handler.

Home Work
Every puppy will have training homework set for the week. This will consist of 2 to 4 minutes training before each feed time.

Extra Help when required
Additional 1-2-1s available for puppy training problems.